About Us

Welcome To Express Braided Wigs. Born by a Professional Stylist In Boston, Massachusetts. USA.

  • Our brand was born to make customers enjoy the PRICING POWER on wigs and beauty products
  • Our Brand was born to give women suffering from hair damage / hair loss due to health conditions such as alopecia, cancer, baldness and so on, varieties of options to have braids on and to feel as good as if they had their own hair braided.
  • Our Brand was born to save women who cannot stand the tightness of having their own hair braided.
  • Our Brand was born to save time for women with daily tight schedule, who do not have the time to sit in a salon for several hours just to have their own hair braided.
  • Our Brand was born to save money for women who would love to explore all types of styles they envisaged themselves in, but are unable to explore all styles at once on one head. Rather than you making a style this week and take it off just to get another the other week, we provide you with having all styles of your choice at your home. 
  •  Our Brand was born to help artists and actors with different roles and personalities to play, change into different looks and personalities at a go.


We pride ourself as being the first and one and only braided wig company to give our esteemed customers the grace to bid on good quality braid wigs on a website. We are known for our BID & WIN feature. Come back everyday and you might be lucky to get your favorite wig at very affordable bidding price.

Our quality remains top notch with best of the best materials put together to form braided wigs.

Our hair lace materials are 100% virgin hair and our extensions are of very high quality fiber grade.

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